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    26. Oktober 2017 14:16:21 CEST

    SpyOver - service for monitoring and analytics of native ads. 

    The service provides an opportunity to monitor the creatives and landings of competitors, analyze the sources of traffic and much more. Using these data, you will build a successful arbitrage strategy and increase the profit.

    Service offers to you:

    • Analysis ads of more than 70 countries of the world

    • More 1 000 000 ads and 24/7 new ads show

    • Coverage of 9 traffic sources:

                              - Taboola

                              - Outbrain

                              - Adnow

                              - MGid

                              - Revcontent

                              - Content.Ad

                              - EngageYa

                              - AdBlade

                              - Chameleon 

    • Use advanced search for a keyword to find creatives for your topic

    • View ads with filter by:

                             - 9 traffic sources

                             - 30+ countries

                             - language of ads

                             - 6 top devices,

                             - 5 basic browsers,

                             - more than 70 affiliate nets,

                             - 8 tracking tool

                             - by date and duration of impressions

    • Sort by trend of impressions for the selected period for selected countries and devices

    • Comprehensive and maximally detailed statistics for all ads

    • Download landing pages in one click


    Catch hot trends, discover new products for promotion and create profitable campaigns.

    Learn the secrets of your competitors' strategies and stay one step ahead with SpyOver.


    Wow! It's video review


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    19. Februar 2018 12:20:15 CET

    We are happy to announce FREE demo! Come in and get acquainted with the functional Native Ad Spy Tool!

    Moreover, the tool launched a NEW FUNCTION - search for landing pages. You can search by:

    • Url

    • Meta Title

    • Text

    • Outgoing

    And also to download the landing and see what ads lead to LP