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Terraleads is the first personal CPA Hub

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    24. Januar 2017 20:57:25 CET

    Hello, everyone!

    Please, welcome TerraLeads - the first personal CPA Hub in the world, which specializes in traffic monetization on a CPA model with solutions for such nutra categories as diet, beauty, health and adult. TerraLeads is a direct advertiser, not an intermediary, so be sure you’ll be promoting only high-quality products, which meet all European standards. Working only with own exclusive offers, TerraLeads guarantees stability, TOP payouts, high approve and daily payments.

    This is what you get from working with TerraLeads:

    Private club of successful partners
    We are a private club of professionals and leaders of the CPA market. Only the best of the best can become TerraLeads’ partners.

    Scaling your own business
    We are interested in the development of each our partner, so we provide free access to educational materials and consultations.

    Personal conditions and approach
    Each our partner is supported by a personal manager, who helps resolve any kind of issues in a short period of time.

    Create your own team of professionals
    You can also be a mentor and provide your own materials and consultations to each member of the hub on the paid basis.

    Constant development and evolution of the system
    We are constantly searching for new modern techniques and marketing tools for business expansion and leveraging them in our business activity.

    Special motivational system - TerraStore
    Get a definite amount of t-coins for each approved lead, collect them, and choose your cool present in TerraStore!

    Exclusive offers

    Want to join the hub? Or are there any questions left? Please contact us @
    Skype: partners.terraleads




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    26. Januar 2017 11:54:07 CET


    Today we'd like to tell you about our TerraStore ( There you can find cool vehicles & trendy gadgets - all of that can be yours!

    Why Gift Store? It's highly important for us to motivate and engage our partners, so, except regular payments you have a fair possibility to get iPhone, GoPro, a fabulous tour for 2 persons or BMW i3. Those gifts are not some lottery or quiz prizes. It's a kind of bonuses given for your personal results and achievements during our collaboration, and also, it's our way to show our respect for you and a great job you've done.

    How to obtain them? Everything is not so complicated: each confirmed lead also gives you a certain amount of t-coins, which could be exchanged for desirable gift. TerraStore works on a regular basis, which means you can make an exchanges whenever you desire and as much as you desire.

    In addition to our TerraStore, a plenty of other activities are waiting for you: just stay tuned and follow our facebook page ( for further information.

    P.S. You can see how many t-coins you can get for confirmed lead for specific country in your profile.  

    Want to join the hub? Or are there any questions left? Please contact us @
    Skype: partners.terraleads



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    27. Januar 2017 12:30:04 CET

    Hello, everybody!

    Today we want to tell you about another bonus - a discount of $50 for each deposit in Adplexity spy-service. It`s a tool for tracking competitors.

    The service provides the following features:

    1. Mobile advertising tracking with filtering by operators;
    2. The collection of all types of CPA-advertising from more than 100 affiliate networks;
    3. Monitor the banners in mobile applications for Android;
    4. Selective monitoring of advertising traffic from publishers;
    5. Automatic download of landing;
    6. A graphical representation of statistical data and much more!

    Operating with these data, you build a successful strategy in media buying and increase your profit.

    How to use discount? During registration you have to fill the promotional code TerraLeads in field "Enter coupon code".

    And remember that the discount is valid on a regular basis, so feel free to use the provided bonus!

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    30. Januar 2017 12:19:26 CET

    TerraLeads expands opportunities for the partners and propose getting acquainted with a proven native advertising network MGID.

    During 9 years of work MGID received a lot of positive feedbacks and share the success statistics:
    53 categories of content, products & services
    54+ Billion content recommendations monthly
    3,000 quality publishers
    165+ Million unique visitors monthly

    Use this link during registration to get 5% off

    But that is not all! Spending on advertising more than $ 10K in 3 months, you will get 10% back of the amount spent on TerraLeads account.

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    2. Februar 2017 09:52:40 CET

    Dear partners,

    We are glad to inform you about top offer in adult category - Titan Premium. Below you can see the information about prices on landings, payouts and countries.

    Earn money and feel at ease in any corner of the world with TerraLeads!

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    29. Juni 2017 15:11:07 CEST

    Dear Partners!

    Great news is coming today. We are launching a new exclusive offer, Denta Black!
    This black toothpaste is our revolutionary product for teeth whitening and for your pocket to get heavier.

    Be among the first to check it out!

    Want to join the hub? Or are there any questions left? Please contact us @
    Skype: partners.terraleads


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    3. Juli 2017 16:42:01 CEST


    To make your ad campaign a winning one that will bring you higher ROI, don’t forget to use native advertising in your work. can help you out with generating the most engaging content for your native advertising. And with a special promo code TERRALEADS you can get +5% for the first deposit of $500-$1000.

    Stay with TerraLeads and use every unique opportunity to optimize your work 



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    4. Juli 2017 16:41:56 CEST

    Dear Partners,

    We are launching a new product offer - Fizzy Slim.
    This amazing dietary supplement will help your customers lose weight significantly, while letting your pockets gain weight in return.

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    5. Juli 2017 16:50:04 CEST


    Every person is as unique as their fingerprint. Take this unique opportunity to get 10% discount for the services. Deposit from $1000 and enjoy the full specter of the most innovational marketing ideas. 

    Skype: partners.terraleads



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    10. Juli 2017 15:50:46 CEST

    Dear partners!

    For the past month, the display of goods in TerraStore ( has increased by 7 products, including a brand-new BMW X1, an agile quadrupter, an elegant piano, and some gadgets that are super-necessary in daily work. And we don't stop on that!

    For the TerraLeads team it is very important to give you an opportunity to choose the most desired gifts and become their happy owner. So we are always open to your proposals. If your golden dream has not yet come true and the long-awaited tablet is still gathering dust on the shelf in the store, then write to our support team. Your application will be reviewed and added to the TerraStore.

    Welcome new cool presents! 


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