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    31. Oktober 2017 13:18:55 CET

    Want to know more about all the peculiarities of lead generation on the European market? Come to the Dvoma.Pro conference tomorrow and hear about it from the CEO of TerraLeads, Yevhenii Mykytenko!
    Get the answers to such questions as:
    - How to become a leader in the CPA market?
    - What are the most common mistakes affiliate marketers do?
    - How to come to a level of 1000 leads/day?
    Interested? See you soon then - tomorrow!

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    7. November 2017 13:40:38 CET

    Dear Partners! TerraLeads has got WONDERFUL news for you today! As you already know, we are attending an AWA 2017 conference this year as a Diamond Sponsor, having a panel discussion on the main stage! And we have THREE FREE tickets to attend this amazing event.
    We decided to organize a little contest - the winner should meet two requirements only: 1) be an active TerraLeads partner and 2) be able to come to Bangkok for the dates of the conference. 
    The winner will be chosen randomly using the Random.Org tool on November 10th.
    Are you sure you are the one? Follow the link to register your candidature, and have a good luck!
    Note! This link works only if you are logged into your TerraLeads account on your computer.

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    9. November 2017 17:42:26 CET

    Dear Partners!
    As always, we are here with good news for you. Today, we are launching a brand-new offer - Nikostop
    This wonderful product not only helps quit smoking but comes with the highest payouts in all European geos. 
    Earn crazy with exclusive offers and with TerraLeads!

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    14. November 2017 10:38:55 CET

    Dear friends!
    Have you already purchased a ticket for the Moneymakers Conf & Party, which will take place in Moscow, on December 19th? No? It's time to get one then! 
    Use the promo code terraleads and get a 15% discount! 

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    15. November 2017 11:45:12 CET

    Dear friends!
    TerraLeads keeps launching new exclusive offers one by one. And today we want to present an amazing product for the lungs purification - Go2 Antitox. 
    As always, the highest payouts, professional call center specialists, and a 24/7 multilingual support are there to help you make overwhelming profits!

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    16. November 2017 17:17:38 CET

    Dear friends! 
    Very soon, on December 8th to be precise, there will be a wonderful event in the city of Kiev - AntiKonfa!
    Smart people learn from other's mistakes. And this is the place where you'll find out about the mistakes others did in their affiliate marketing path, so you know how to avoid them. 
    And a Silver ticket will help you with it. You can win it for the repost of this post in the TerraLeads group on Facebook and on Wednesday, November 22nd, will choose the winner.
    Good luck!

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    21. November 2017 17:03:53 CET

    Big Sales Days are a perfect opportunity to shop for a year ahead and get amazing bonuses. Our friend, tracker & TDS 'AdsBridge' is organizing an unforgettable Black Friday, which will last for a couple of days.

    During November 24-27th, you have a unique chance to hit the jackpot.
    With a unique promo code AdsBridgeTLBF the tariffs from the AdsBridge pricelist for the TerraLeads partners will be at half-price! Plus, every participant gets 500 t-coins for the balance.

    To get your discount, register in the tracking system by the link and use promo code AdsBridgeTLBF

    P.S. We advise you to choose annual AdsBridge tariffs, which are already 15% cheaper. And with our discount, the prices are just hot!

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    23. November 2017 16:18:25 CET

    On December 7th, it’s going to be hot in Saint Petersburg! Dozens of bloggers and marketers, hundreds of affiliates and networks will gather in one place to share insights on the most effective ways of traffic monetization. IGCONF 2017 means the latest trends of the CPA market and unforgettable atmosphere of business relaxation. 
    In order to participate in the conference, share this post in the TerraLeads group on VK. The winner will get a Standart ticket. The results of the contest will be announced on November 27th. 
    See you soon at IGCONF 2017!

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    24. November 2017 16:16:29 CET

    Winter times are coming, and it's going to be wet and muddy...
    But you should not be worried when there is C&D in your bag! This waterproofing spray will protect your clothes and footwear and will just become your best friend in any kind of weather.

    Have a look at the payouts, which are as always on the highest level!

    Stay with TerraLeads!

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    30. November 2017 14:35:49 CET

    LeadsWars. Battle for t-coins

    What would you buy in TerraStore? A car, a new smartphone, a bicycle? 
    From November 28th to December 28th, you have a chance to get bonus t-coins and get closer to your dream...

    We are launching a LeadsWars contest!
    All TerraLeads partners are participating in it. The conditions are simple: the more approved leads, the higher your rating is on the LeadsWars leaderboard. 10 the most active participants will get a reward in the form of t-coins.

    P.S. The earned contest t-coins are summed up with your bonus balance and do not affect the regular procedure of t-coins accrual.

    May the Force of approved leads be with you!